Deep Background

The list of questions we had to answer for the characters we played in high school drama ran to three closely-typed pages. The worksheet was a copy of a copy of a copy, its print gravelly and blurred. We were to complete it with details about the characters we portrayed--their early childhood, their favorite foods,... Continue Reading →



A few semi-developed ideas for scholarly writing have been bumping around in my writing notebooks. One to which I keep returning is the idea of the gap as a rhetorical necessity. (I can see that last phrase becoming a subtitle...descriptive, yet decidedly uncatchy.) In rhetorical studies, gaps are everywhere. Michel Meyer's theory of problematology explores how... Continue Reading →


They crouched near the entrance, he a bit ahead of her, she behind and not quite certain that she was ready. The radio at his shoulder crackled; he turned it down so he alone could hear the signal to go. One minute. Another. He turned to her and in a gruff whisper asked, "So you... Continue Reading →


It was time for a new look. When I started this blog a few years ago, I was using it as a learning and teaching tool for a social media marketing class. That class is long over.  And so, because it would be silly to waste a perfectly good site, I've made a few changes--some... Continue Reading →

The story

I started this blog to demonstrate blogging for students in a social media marketing class. Now the class is over,  but I still have this blog.  Turns out, I kind of like blogging--though I'm still a little surprised when people who aren't my students read or respond to a post. The problem with blogging, though,... Continue Reading →

Where do ideas come from?

The other day, a colleague asked me if I would be interested in collaborating on an article. Yes, indeed.  I'll need another publication by the end of the calendar year. The topic was similar to a topic I've been puttering with, so I started doing some research and uncovered some information that connects with another... Continue Reading →

A new semester

I'm back. It's been a generally good winter break, though one punctuated by some sadness. One of my grad school professors died yesterday.  His family is in the thoughts and prayers of many people today.  We all hope they are granted peace. A blog seems rather vain in the face of that.  But it also... Continue Reading →

Done and not done

I have a mind like a steel colander. You're wondering where I'm going with this, right? To finish the metaphor, my mind lets a great many things pass through, but keeps particles and bits and large knots of memory swirling around together. I guess that's why I like to make connections between things. When two... Continue Reading →

On Thingness

First, I must apologize for forgetting to post last week.  I just forgot until it was basically too late. Now on to this week's post. As I was reading through my students' blog posts, I noticed that a number of them were talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Well, both have now come and... Continue Reading →

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