I’ve been walking around my workplace trying to decide what to write about for this post. I know I have a post to write. I know it should be roughly about social media marketing.  But my brain just isn’t there at this moment.

Well, that got me thinking about what we’ve been discussing in class. I mentioned to my emerging social media marketers about the importance of developing a content schedule for their blogs. Right now, the content is imposed upon them, but they will eventually have to develop such plans on their own (hint, hint!).  Planning content for a business site is just different from using a blog as a publicly-viewable journal, and it requires a different mindset. It’s the difference between being a writer for fun and earning a living through writing. It requires a different kind of discipline, with respect for deadlines and a deep understanding of one’s audience. It requires an instrumental view of communication, since what one blogs should do something or help the reader do something. And it also requires the blogger to understand that he or she is offering a service to a community.

If you’re a blog writer–especially one with (gasp!) readers–you create your obligations. If you are so fortunate as to build a community of followers, you then are responsible for maintaining that community. That’s one reason why a content schedule is a good idea.  It helps bloggers, especially in marketing, focus on offering quality content to their followers. It keeps the blogger or blog team disciplined and moves the writer’s mindset away from the whims of the hour to a stronger, more considered approach to the medium and a longer-term focus that draws in more followers.

I have to admit that my mindset is following this path.  I’m still at the early part of the process, but I’m finding (to my lazy heart’s dismay) that I really do need to listen to what I’m writing here.  Hm. Guess I’ll need to go plan my post for next week.


What are your thoughts?

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