Best laid plans of mice and men…

Ironic, I suppose, that the week after my post about content calendars, I had a week that went so awry it was sadly funny.  In short, I’m running behind on my post, which usually goes up on Tuesday.

But never let it be said that I let a teaching moment pass without comment. Students, what do you do if you’re the social media guru at your workplace and you have a week that messes up everything?

A real-life example: yesterday, workers at a construction site next to the local school district’s administration building hit a buried phone and data cable, partially severing it. Though phone company crews have been working on it since the incident, the entire school district is without phones and internet service for an indeterminate period.  What if this happened to your company? What if you can’t communicate with a community that has come to expect your presence in social media?

We are fortunate in that the school district’s problems, while hugely inconvenient, are likely to be resolved soon. Until then, there are alternatives: cell phones, cloud data, and such. But even so, social media marketers need to be reminded that stuff happens. What is your backup plan? Does anyone but you know how to carry it out?


What are your thoughts?

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