Done and not done

I have a mind like a steel colander.

You’re wondering where I’m going with this, right?

To finish the metaphor, my mind lets a great many things pass through, but keeps particles and bits and large knots of memory swirling around together. I guess that’s why I like to make connections between things. When two unrelated ideas are thrown together in the colander, it feels comfortable to find some way to make them fit together.

Anyway, one of the particles of memory in my colander is a phrase I read in high school. It was about ants, and about the two words they had in their entire vocabulary: “done” and “not done.” (Thanks to the internet, I discovered a moment ago that the reference is from T. H. White’s The Once and Future King).

It’s a fitting idea for the beginning of December at a university. My face-to-face classes are done, but the courses are not done, at least until next week, when finals make them, well, final.  My social media marketing students will soon be done with their work, but those who have found a niche for themselves in this field are most certainly not done.  There is too much in this topic to cover in one class, and my greatest frustration with teaching it is figuring out how to fit enough into it to make it worthwhile–to use a term from class, it’s how to give the course the greatest amount of time value I can.

Students, you’ve done an impressive job this semester.  You’re done, but you’re not done. Keep grappling with the concepts we’ve covered, even if you don’t keep up your blogs and lose track of the wiki. The next time this class starts, we’ll build on what you did, and you’ll be able to see it.  Co-opt and transform what you learned here and use it in innovative and daring ways.

And come back and see me sometime.


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