To write, to think, to connect

It feels like it's been a long time since I wrote in this blog. I'm beginning to catch up with my work--which feels fantastic the week before a chaotic holiday--but it kind of puts me in a time warp as I deal with questions I should have finished a while back. So my sense of... Continue Reading →


Election day!

We have made it to one of the most important days in the American civic calendar.  Probably the most important day, in fact. We get to choose. In America, we get so much choice that we have become inured to it. We can choose our food, our friends, our professions, our possessions. We can choose... Continue Reading →

Party chatter

When I was an undergrad, one of my favorite professors liked to use Kenneth Burke's "unending conversation"--or, as she put it, his party metaphor.  To paraphrase, he likened literature/rhetoric/history/drama (depending on how you read it) to a party in a room. When you enter, there are already people there talking. You join in, exchange ideas,... Continue Reading →

Here be dragons

Last week (I'm behind on my grading), my students had to post articles to our class wiki that discussed tools and techniques social media marketers can use.  The wiki is supposed to be a knowledge base, where my students can go when they have questions about how to do this or how to fix that.... Continue Reading →

Best laid plans of mice and men…

Ironic, I suppose, that the week after my post about content calendars, I had a week that went so awry it was sadly funny.  In short, I'm running behind on my post, which usually goes up on Tuesday. But never let it be said that I let a teaching moment pass without comment. Students, what... Continue Reading →


I've been walking around my workplace trying to decide what to write about for this post. I know I have a post to write. I know it should be roughly about social media marketing.  But my brain just isn't there at this moment. Well, that got me thinking about what we've been discussing in class.... Continue Reading →

Media. Social Media.

An homage to the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film franchise. That got me thinking about longevity. Many social media marketers are focused on generating buzz in the here and now. Actually, that isn't an completely bad idea, but it is rather short-sighted and ultimately expensive.  Because many consumer products are meant for immediate... Continue Reading →


Last week, my SMM class experimented with a tool called NodeXL, an Excel template that maps social networks.  The assignment was intended to be just a cool, see-what-I-can-do exercise that illustrated the way networks form and the roles individual people play in those networks. But that's not how it worked. Between software issues and plugin... Continue Reading →

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